After testing the product I report my considerations in this regard:


Duo is very comfortable and versatile, especially when traveling.

Using the object as a support and support on the knees or on any surface, makes the use of the electronic device comfortable.

Thanks to the effective non-slip support surface you can have your hands free while you are on the road and watching a movie with iPad or any device without having to hold it manually.


In addition to practicality, Duo performs aprotective action safeguarding the health of the user as it creates an interstice that isolates from heat and electromagnetic waves generated by the electronic device.



It is ergonomic as it avoids excessive stretching of the wrists: with the use of the keyboard the hand works in a position more natural and less stressed.

It is also an excellent innovation for the family, especially for children, allowing them a better view of the device, especially tablets and iPads, without harming their posture in the growth phase.

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